Life Wouldn't Be The Same Without The Sugar Cane

Chairman’s Message

It is the 75th year of the existence of the All-Island Jamaica Cane Farmers' Association and this significant anniversary will be celebrated in extremely difficult times. That this is a critical period for the industry is beyond question. But it is also clear to the board, management and staff of this organisation that the sugar industry's importance to the country has never been greater. With all the difficulties, we will emerge with a modern industry.

Vision Statement

To be a successful cane growers' association providing the highest quality of leadership and services and to constantly evolve to maintain a presence that inspires trust and quality while promoting meaningful transformation of an island industry. To promote the economic betterment of our members through cooperative principles to ensure socio-economic balance and self-sufficiency by aiming to optimise production, reduce waste, value-adding and diversification.

Mission Statement

To proactively encourage and create an environment conducive to the expansion, promotion and efficient production of cane inuring to increased levels of productivity and profitability of the cane farmers and the sugar cane industry. It is our mission to secure economic prosperity for the stakeholders by diversifying income streams through crop and product diversification and value-adding ventures.


Audio: Life Wouldn’t Be Without The Sugar Cane


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